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Top 5 Mistakes to avoid when buying CCTV Camera

Everyone wants to be safe and secure. No one wants to be victim of a robbery or of theft. For this reason, people buy CCTV cameras. CCTV Cameras can protect your family, home, or business.


1. The Actual Camera
People often buy cheaper cameras in order to save money. This can be a bad idea. If you do not purchase the right camera, it can either break or not capture with the right quality. As a result, your safety may be in jeopardy. Do not make the mistake of buying a cheaper camera to save some money!


2. Installation
UK CCTV Installation can be difficult sometimes. You need to make sure that your camera is not susceptible to weather or heavy damage. Home CCTV installation is probably where you need to worry about weather fairing cameras. Most business cameras are either top of the line (because businesses can afford them) or inside. Installation is difficult and requires a lot of focus. Make sure to either know a lot about your camera or hire someone to install it.


3. Maintenance.
People often forget that CCTV cameras need maintenance. Just like any security device, cameras can grow old, develop problems, and even break. A common mistake by business and homeowners is that they install their CCTV camera correctly, but then they do not maintain it. Make yourself a checklist for all of your cameras. Add features of the cameras that your believe could either break or need maintenance. Occasionally go over the list to make sure your cameras are in top shape.


4. Software
Make sure you purchase the right software. Depending on your budget, software can really impact the effectiveness of your camera. Depending on the software, you can monitor your cameras while at home or away! People often forget to look into all their options and really think about what they want from their cameras. When considering software, think about the use of your cameras and what you are trying to get out of them.


5. Position, Position, Position!
People often think like a homeowner or business owner when securing their house or business. Sometimes, the best way to secure against a burglar is to think like one! Positioning can mean the difference between a safe and unsafe home. Cameras have different fields of view (FOV) and zoom options. Make sure to assess all of these factors to get the most from your cameras.


Hopefully you consider these five mistakes when buying a CCTV camera. Home and business security is important. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help when buying, installing, or maintaining a CCTV Camera!

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