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An Insight into CCTV Surveillance Equipments

CCTV surveillance is widely considered the most advanced and reliable security system. It is extensively used in public places, business establishments and even private residences. This method of visual surveillance was developed to keep recording of the real-time activities around the areas. Depending on the power of the cameras integrated into the security system, it can capture real-time activities throughout a wider area.

Cutting-edge CCTVs integrate CCD or Charge Coupled Device, wireless or cable receivers/transmitters, video cameras and monitors. The working mechanism of CCTV is based on sophisticated technology highlighting some important features like picture-perfect clarity, computer-aided operation, night vision and monitor recognition system generating red alert when anything suspicious happens within the focus range of camera.

CCTV systems feature bullet-proof casing as well as automated self-defense systems ensuring the cameras are heavily protected.

CCTV & Crime Control Policy

CCTV has automated mechanism of self-defense. The system is integral to crime control policy adopted by the governments in different countries. According to studies, CCTV installation drastically reduces crime rates. If the robbers find that the houses and areas are under round-the-clock observation, they are most unlikely to indulge themselves into criminal activities.

CCTV systems also help in combating offending activities like ‘peeing in public’, obstruction, traffic violations, DWI driving and a number of several offenses. The camera surveillance system also help police identify those involved in vandalism, drunkenness, drug abuse, racial and sexual harassment and any kind of disorderly behaviors.

The surveillance system is available for indoor and outdoor use. Powerful and specially developed CCTV systems are used for underwater inspection. Combiners, time-lapse VCRs, Pan Tilt figure and infrared illumination etc are other equipments of CCTV surveillance system. As a part of the more recent CCTV surveillance mechanism, use internet for the purpose of remote surveillance.

In a world increasingly vulnerable to several kinds of crimes, CCTV surveillance equipments play a crucial role in keeping us safe and secured all the time. The governments are installing such cameras in different places but we need to set up home CCTVs for our safety at home.

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