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The Different Types of CCTV Cameras


The market offers a wide selection of CCTV cameras, all of which come in different shapes, styles and functionality. This gives homeowners and businesses an opportunity to choose a camera that suits both their preferences and needs. Below are different varieties of CCTV camera systems that you can choose from:


Bullet Camera
Bullet cameras have a long tapered and cylindrical shape that resembles that of a rifle bullet. The design of these cameras does not allow for panning, tilting nor zooming. The cameras capture images from a fixed position and are ideal for distance viewing. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and are mostly used indoors.


Dome CCTV Cameras
The cameras have a dome-shape housing that makes them discreet. They are commonly used in indoor surveillance for deterring criminals. The dome shape makes it hard for anyone to know the direction they are facing, which makes them suitable for shopping malls and retail outlets. Speed Dome CCTV cameras have the pan/tilt/zoom functionality that allows the operator to move the camera in the desired direction. Several reasons why they are the ideal CCTV cameras for home include easy installation, infrared capability, and the vandal-proof feature.


Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera
These cameras are purposely designed for night vision and have the ability to spot images in extremely dark conditions. They are fitted with Infrared LEDs and are best suited for outdoor conditions with poor lighting.


High Definition CCTV Camera
HD cameras are mostly fitted in niche markets such as banks and casinos. The surveillance operator is able to zoom images with maximum clarity in order to monitor the activities of an individual.


Network/IP CCTV Camera
There are usually two types of these cameras: wireless and hardwired. They are used in transmitting images online, whereby they compress the bandwidth to avoid overwhelming the web. They are much easier to install compared to analog cameras simply because they do not require power boost or cables to transmit images over long distances.


C-Mount Camera
One of the key features of C-Mount CCTV cameras is that they have detachable lenses. Users can change the lenses to fit their desired applications. Typically, CCTV cameras cover distances of 35to 40 ft but with C-Mount, users can mount special lenses to cover a distance past 40ft.


Day/Night Cameras
One distinct feature of these cameras is their ability to operate both in well-lit and dimly-lit conditions. An extra sensitive chip gives them the ability to record crisp video images in the dark. For this reason, they do not require infrared illuminators for them to function in the dark. Thus, the cameras are well suited for outdoor surveillance where lighting is poor.

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